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    (a)    Organisation: Mizoram Home Guards was raised on 6th December, 1971 with a Company strength under Assam Home Guards. Capt (Retd) Malsawmliana was appointed as District Commandant and he was later appointed full time District Commandant after re-organisation of Home Guards during 1973 when it was called the Mizoram Home Guards. Maj. Zama (L) was appointed as the Deputy Commandant General. A number of Junior Commissioned Officers and other ranks were absorbed against newly created posts within the Mizoram Home Guards. The IGP of Mizoram was appointed as Ex-Officio Commandant General from 1973 till 1987. With effect from 10th August, 1987, the Mizoram Home Guards started functioning as a separate Department under the Home Department, Government of Mizoram.
       At present, the Department has three establishments, namely  :- 
(i)    Headquarters, Chawlhhmun, Aizawl    
(ii)   District Headquarters, Chawlhhmun, Aizawl and 
(iii)  Central Training Institute, Sesawng.

Organisation Chart is attached at Appendix – A.

     Presently, Mizoram Home Guards Department is holding sanctioned strength of 1033 Home Guards Volunteers who are employed for various Security duties including 5 Home Guard Volunteers at Lengpui Airport. Altogether, 1033 Home Guards Volunteers and 154 regular Staff are posted in the Department.

    (b)    Functions and Duties: The Mizoram Home Guards are providing security at 75 locations including Jails, Banks, FCI Godowns, VIPs, Radio Stations, Traffic and other vital installations throughout the state of Mizoram.

Details of deployment of Home Guards is enclosed in the Appendix.



(a)     Duties and responsibilities : He is responsible for supervision and control over the whole Department. Responsible for general supervision and control of Home Guards throughout the State.    

(b)    Control of Expenditure : The Commandant General exercises control over the expenditure of the three establishments of the Department within the prescribed limits.

(c)    Financial Powers : The Commandant General is empowered to sanction all necessary expenses within the prescribed limit of budgetary grants.

2.    DEPUTY COMMANDANT GENERAL : The Deputy Commandant General is the Commandant General’s immediate subordinate officer who assists the Commandant General in all aspects of work within the Department.

3.    SENIOR  STAFF OFFICER : He assists the Commandant General and the Deputy Commandant General on all matters concerning the Headquarter Establishment.

4.    COMMANDANT, CENTRAL TRAINING INSTITUTE : He is responsible for all matters of administration and training at the Central Training Institute, Sesawng.

5.    DISTRICT COMMANDANT : He is responsible  for the administration and functioning of  District Establishment including the four Volunteer Companies therein.

6.    CENTRE COMMANDER : He assists the Commandant, Central Training Institute in matters relating and administration.

7.    JUNIOR STAFF OFFICER : He assists the Commandant General, Dy. Commandant General and Senior Staff Officer in matters relating to administration.

8.    ADMINISTRATIVE SUBEDAR/COMPANY COMMANDER : He assists the District Commandant in matters relating to administration and general functioning of the Company.

9.    PLATOON COMMANDER  : He assists the Administrative Subedar/Company Commander Commandant in matters relating to administration and general functioning of the Company.

10.    ASSISTANT TO DISTRICT COMMMANDANT: Responsible to assist District Commandant in various matters concerning the general administration of the District Establishment. 

11.    DEPUTY STORE OFFICER : Responsible  for all matters concerning the functioning of the Headquarter Store.

12.    INSTRUCTOR/DEMOMNSTRATOR : He is responsible for conducting training as well as looking after various administrative aspects relating to training.

13.    BRASS BAND HAVILDAR  : He is responsible for imparting training to Brass Band in operating and handling of the various instruments as well as their maintenance. 

14.    HAVILDAR : Responsible to act as Guard Commander at various locations.

15.    KOTE HAVILDAR : Responsible for security, maintenance and proper accounting of arms, ammunition and related stores and equipment.

16.    QUARTER MASTER HAVILDAR : He is responsible for proper accounting and maintenance of stores.

17.    QUARTER GUARD HAVILDAR : He is responsible for security, discipline and general maintenance of the Quarter Guard.

18.    QUARTER GUARD NAIK : He assists the Quarter Guard Havildar for security, discipline and general maintenance of the Quarter Guard.

19.    QUARTER GUARD LANCE NAIK : He provides security at the Quarter Guard and assists the Quarter Guard Havildar and Quarter Guard Naik.

20.    BRASS BAND NAIK : He assists the Brass Band Havildar in imparting training to the Brass Band in operating, handling and maintenance of the various instruments.

21.    BRASS BAND L/NK : He assists the Brass Band Havildar and Brass Band Naik in imparting training to the Brass Band in operating, handling and maintenance of the various instruments. 

22.    QUARTER GUARD HOME GUARD: He is responsible for providing security to the Quarter Guards at Headquarters and CTI.

23.    BUGLER : He is responsible sounding the appropriate bugle calls where necessary.

24.    ARMOURER : He is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all arms and ammunition held by the Department.

25.    BANDMAN : He forms an integral part of the Brass Band.

26.    GUARDMAN : Responsible for security duties at various places.


1.    SUPERINTENDENT : He is the supervising officer of the Ministerial Staff in the Department. He is responsible for obtaining decision and approval from the higher authorities in discharging all correspondences, files, orders, notifications etc.

2.    ASSISTANT/ACCOUNTANT : Being the top most post amongst the file dealing staff, and he are responsible for disposing important files and policy matters. He is also responsible for all financial accounts matters regarding preparation of plan budget and expenditure statement etc. 

3.    UDC-CUM-CASHIER : He deals with important files and is responsible for the preparation of bills and handling of cash etc. 

4.    LDC/READER : He is responsible for dealing with files, typing and maintenance of records.

5.    IV GRADE :        

a)    PEON : He is responsible for discharging all assignments given to him by the competent authority from time to time.

b)    COOK : He is responsible for the running of the Mess.

c)    SWEEPER : He is responsible for the cleanliness of the  offices and premises.

d)    BOOT MAKER : He is responsible for the repair  of shoes and other equipments.

e)    CHOWKIDAR : He is responsible  for the security and maintenance of office equipment and property.

f)    WATER CARRIER : He is responsible for carrying  water for Langar etc..

g)    DHOBI : He is responsible or washing uniforms and clothing.

h)    BARBER : He is responsible for cutting hair of Home Guards personnel.


1)    ASSISTANT ENGINEER : He is the Head of Technical Branch and prepares all types of works, plans estimates and the execution of works.

2)    JUNIOR ENGINEER : He provides assistance to the Assistant Engineer.

3)    DRAFTMAN – II : He provides assistance to the Assistant Engineer and Junior Engineer.

4)    CARPENTER : He is responsible for all types of carpentry works.

III.    Procedure followed in the decision making process including channels of supervision and accountability.
        All files are put up to the officers by clerical staff through the office Superintendent. Based on the notes/comments of Senior Staff Officer, Dy. Commandant General all decisions are made by Commandant General.

        Mizoram Home Guards Department does not have a separate set of norms for discharge of its functions. The norms followed in the Department are the same as those followed in other departments under Government of Mizoram except in the creation of posts. Posts were created by norms as laid down in the Compendium of Instructions issued by Govt. of India.

        The Mizoram act, 1985 and Compendium of Instruction, 2007 Home Guards issued by MHA, Govt. of India and Recruitment Rules approved by Govt. of Mizoram govern the employees for discharging their functions apart from the CCS Rules adapted by the Govt. of Mizoram.

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