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It gives me great pleasure to inform all that the official website of Mizoram Home Guards and Civil Defence Department has been recently updated. I am sanguine that this website will serve as a helpful tool to the public as well as the Department.


Home Guards and Civil Defence being complementary organizations, have been merged in the State under one Depertment. The Home Guards in Mizoram have been serving the community since 1964, when it was first raised, with only a handful of volunteers, mostly ex-servicemen under Hony. Lt. Lalmawia. Presently, the Department has 4 volunteer companies whose personnel are deployed in all the 8 Districts of the State. Security of various installations such as jails, banks, etc. is the primary basis for deployment. Other roles include traffic and other duties as per requirement. Raising of Civil Defence is under process.


          Being composed of volunteers hailing from the community, I believe that the Mizoram Home Guards and Civil Defence Department owes its success and efficiency to the selflessness of the people and community and pray that this quality of selfless service always guide us in our future endeavors.




Commandant General cum Additional Director General

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